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For 20 years my family and I lived at a village level in the tropical rainforest of Papua New Guinea. While there, we were able to learn the language and culture from the Amanab people, design an appropriate alphabet for their language, start literacy schools so people could learn to read their language now that it was in a written form, and translate God’s Word into the local language. Presently I am helping administrate and set strategy for over 25% of the remaining languages that are still without God’s Word translated into their own language.
My dream vacation would be anything that includes a great story, a new experience, a pleasant memory, or scuba diving.
When I am into my hobby mode, you may find me studying handwriting analysis or sign language. Sometimes I’ll begin practicing magic tricks again (I was semi-professional in college). I also enjoy tennis, and I am an advanced scuba diver.
My favorite musical is ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. I love the simple and honest relationship Tevye has with God.
My favorite meal is warm fresh homemade bread cooked by my wife. Yes, bread alone can be a meal when it is homemade.
There are plenty of things that people typically don’t know about me. Among them is the fact that I wear my wedding ring on my right hand because on my left hand, my ring finger is webbed up to the knuckle. I’ve attended 6 different universities/colleges. I’ve taught (very briefly) at the University of North Dakota, Sia’atoutai Theological College in the Kingdom of Tonga, and for three years I taught at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I am a certified locksmith, and I have visited 21 different foreign countries.

My Ministries: Pastoral Care