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I love SVCC because of the people. I love how we can be "ourselves". For the most part, I don't feel like we have to put on a mask. There's a lot of genuine people at SVCC. We're all in the process of becoming more like Christ and I'm especially enjoying how lately we're growing each other-really talking to each other and helping each other. I love hanging with SVCC people. We're a family, but at the same time we're not exclusive.

Be Ye Transformed transformed my life. We had a bible study on that book on Friday nights for awhile, and I was greatly influenced for the good by reading this book. I highly recommend every believer read it and put it into practice. Such powerful insights based on God's Word! Instead of being a weak christian, you learn how to live in God's power and truth. No more cycles of defeat, but rather ever growing in Christ.

Hard to believe it, but I love praise and worship music! I never get tired of listening, participating, and worshipping to praise and worship music. As far as styles of music, I probably like jazz and rock influenced music. I love listening to Big Band music in front of a big band. I also love going to a see a full orchestra and being blown away by the music in my face. Those two styles make awesome live concerts. There's only one style of music I really despise, but I won't get into that.

Bike riding, listening to music, some cooking/baking, reading, going to the beach, hiking, gardening, and just simply being out in nature are some of my favorite things to do. I also love having coffee with a friend, being silly with a bunch of girlfriends, or just plain being obnoxiously silly with my very German family. They may be German, but they are very touchy/feely and like to laugh-not necessarily very German traits.

Things I don't like....traffic jams, long lines at stores, sewing, rainy days, making bunk beds...

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