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I love the ministry I am in because I get to wear so many hats. It
never gets boring and I have to depend upon the Holy Spirit to overcome
my weaknesses. I never know what I am going to get to do next, but I
really feel comfortable knowing the Holy Spirit is going to provide me
with whatever I need to accomplish His purposes. And even when I try
and fail, He gives me chocolate.

My dream vacation is going on a missions trip to Central America. I
know it sounds super spiritual, but I really get a kick out of
ministering in Honduras and Guatemala. Hitting a beach and a good
restaurant just one day and ministering the rest of the time is my idea
of a great time. And besides, they give me chocolate.
I like SVCC because it's a place of meaning and purpose. It's a
place where I can almost be myself and I have many relationships that
have gone beyond the superficial. We have gotten so close that we could
get on each other's nerves, but don't. I love people for who they are
and they love me (most of the time) for who I am, I think. Of course, I
could be delusional which explains my cynical side, but who cares since
they give me chocolate?

My hobbies are music, reading, tennis, economics, and chocolate.

The most significant influence in my life was my dad. Although he
never accepted Christ, he taught me about human nature. That alone was
an invaluable lesson. Interestingly enough his understanding of human
nature coincided with much of the Scripture. He also taught me
discipline in finance, work ethic, family and a love of chocolate.

Something that most people don't know about me is that I have a very
dry sense of humor and that I love chocolate with almonds, pecan,
hazelnuts, or just about any other kind of nut. However, don't buy me
any because I don't eat them any more. I can't run enough miles to wear
it off; it hurts too much.