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I love the ministry I'm in because it makes me crazy. It's an opportunity to open a door to friendship and serve the church families. God knows I am not a planner nor organized. That's why I have a helper, Shari B. Our Connections ministry welcomes you to join our potlucks, game nights, picnics, special events, and of course "fly by the seat of our pants events." Those of you who do not know me will recognize one of these events when it happens. Smile..... God loves us all.

When the event is over I would like to think everyone had a great time socializing with everyone. I think it's important to learn about our church family and friends. Remembering names can be a test for anyone. I get tested all the time and thank God that He does not grade on memories. It's the time spent with others that is important.

My dream vacation would be any cruise line. You don't have to plan a thing. Hehehe. It's all aboard. One big happy fellowship floating on the water. My kind of vacation.
However, I wouldn't mind zipping through the tree lines on cables over the Amazon .

I like SVCC because it welcomes you to join their fellowship. I learned from one of my Beth Moore bible studies that Christ isn't looking for perfect churches, because He knows they are imperfect. He is looking for churches that glorify God and lift up Christ. I believe that is what SVCC church is about: " Glorifing Christ. "

The most significant influence in my life at this time has been our ladies bible study group. I love the Beth Moore bible studies. How important it is to share with other women! I am thankful for all the women who have attended and shared their wisdom, their hearts, and experiences. What a blessing!

Who/What influeneced my decision to follow Christ? My sister Nigal is the one who introduced me to Christ. I grew up in a farming community. Our parents took us kids to Sunday school and dropped us off. They did not attend but made sure we attended every Sunday. I thank them for planting a seed in the right direction.
When my sister moved to Dixon she attended Campus Life. Campus life helped shape our young Christian hearts to love our Savior.

I recommend attending bible studies to learn and grow together. The best book to read is the Bible. You may have heard the stories before growing up, but when you study them in depth there is a new story to learn. As you age, you learn again from the same stories wisdom you did not attain before.

Hobbies? I can tell you what I don't like to do. I would not go splunking, and mapping caves. I don't jump out of planes, or bungee jump. However, I like to try various sports and activities, but not overly talented in any of them. I would say I'd try just about anything. I do like to climb trees, and have tackled climbing a mountain in Alaska.

My favorite music is Christian rock and contempory. I love listening to Radio 98.9
K-LOVE. I appreciate a variety of music. The Oldies, musical themes, classical, and of course Christmas music. Music that lifts my spirit!

My favorite meal is something that someone else made. It always tastes better.

Something that most people don't know about me is that I sent an application to Survivor TV show. At the time I thought it was exciting. The game was challenging and I thought I could handle the climates and task. However," Survivor" has changed in me and I have lost my desire to compete.

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