Sandie Copeland

I graduated from Dixon High School in 1962 but I lived in PA for 33 years. In Dec. 2012 my husband said it was time to move back to IL and one month before we moved he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he died 3 months after we moved. There is no way to explain intensive grief unless you have experienced it. Before we moved I had been praying about where we were to attend church and God confirmed it was to be SVCC. They welcomed us with open arms and they cared for Jesse and visited him in the hospital and rehab nursing home and prayed for us. Merle and Alice Ebersole, long time members of SVCC sang Jesse’s favorite song Amazing Grace to him when he was in intensive care. I attended GriefShare in Rochelle and it was the one of 3 grief groups that I attended that was most helpful to me. I “told” the elders that when I was able I was going to facilitate a GriefShare at our church. Thankfully they said yes and in March the 2nd GriefShare will be offered at our church. The plan is to offer it twice a year. I cannot imagine surviving my grief without Jesus by my side.
My spiritual background is in Prayer and in Missions and I have traveled to the former Zaire and Gabon, Zambia and Israel. I have met and prayed with 3 Presidents of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and many of the missionaries from the Western PA District.

For 15 years I was a certified oncology nurse. The last seven were as an Oncology Clinician for a large Home Health Agency in central PA. I taught nurses to give chemotherapy at home and was a consult for our Hospice Team.
My husband and I were quilters and for 15 years we had a quilting business in PA called Petunia Patchwork. I show Jesse’s and my quilts at the Petunia City Quilters show every other year. I have continued to quilt. It keeps me sane.
My oldest son and daughter in law and 4 grandchildren (all in their teens) live ½ hour away and it has been a blessing to be part of their lives on a more regular basis.

My friends at SVCC have loved on me during my grief, they have challenged me in my Biblical knowledge, and they have made me laugh when I wanted to collapse in tears. The worship team is awesome.
I am excited that we as a church and with other churches in Dixon are focusing more on prayer.

My Ministries: Griefshare