Sue Mulkins

I love being involved in leading and guiding the SVCC greeters, those wonderful individuals who meet you at our doors and do their best to make you feel welcome. I love people, and I want everyone to feel at ease at SVCC and sense that God in truly here in our midst.

I care deeply about my church family. They are second only to my own flesh and blood family, (which includes four great grandchildren and growing). Besides the love we have for one another, there is a lot of fun and humor expressed. (A good sense of humor is very important, especially at my age!) I enjoy that encouraging atmosphere to be yourself and to express your own personality. It is an easy and warm environment. I have a deep desire that when people see this, they would see the love of Jesus, who is the One who brings us all together.

Outside of church I enjoy camping with my family. During our 52 years of marriage, my husband and I enjoyed long (and short) motorcycle trips, fishing, hunting, and just long rides on back roads together. He has gone home to be with the Lord, but I have now begun deer and squirrel hunting with family once again. And speaking of squirrels, I call seven or eight of them to my doorstep each day in order to give them their own personal peanut butter sandwich. My children tell me they would know if a squirrel hit on the street was mine because of the peanut butter grease spot left on the pavement. I love the myriad of birds that I feed as well. And speaking of love, I LOVE lobster at Red Lobster in LeSalle Peru!

Worship time in the service is a favorite time for me. I am always reminded how blessed we are at SVCC for our worship team. Even through the rough times of life, worship and praise have helped to keep me strong and in His presence. It doesn’t matter if it is contemporary, gospel or a wonderful hymn. I enjoy them all!

There wasn’t anyone who influenced my giving my life to Christ, other than the Holy Spirit guiding me to a bible study through an unsaved friend of my mothers. My heart had always been tender to God. All I needed to learn was that a relationship with Him required a simple and sincere prayer asking Him into my life. I realized profoundly within days of that prayer that I had received something no one could ever take from me. That was 55 years ago!

I am thankful to be in a church body who is encouraged to continue to grow in the Lord and reach out to others with God’s love and grace!

My Ministries: Greeters