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I love the ministry I’m in because… I think the most important thing we can do is to reach the world for Christ. Praying for missionaries and giving to missions is a great and very important step toward that goal.

I like SVCC because… It is alive in Christ! The people at SVCC care about others particularly the body of Christ and also the lost. (I guess that includes everyone.) They live their walk. I have never been a part of anything so wonderful before. Years ago it was prophesied that God was going to do a new thing among us. I believe with all my heart that we are seeing that worked out and IT IS EXCITING!!! Who would want to be anywhere else??!!!!

The most significant influence in my life has been… Hearing Rick Grubbs speak at the ACSI teachers’ convention a number of years ago. His message was entitled Redeeming the Time. It was specifically about making time for reading God’s word and prayer a priority. I took his challenge of getting up 15 minutes earlier every morning to read the Bible and pray, and that 15 has turned into 45. It is the most sacred time of the day and the most enjoyable. (God makes pretty good company.) It has totally changed my life. God will not trust us with important tasks if we can not be trusted to seek Him daily even if it means getting up at 5:30. (Oh, we suffer sooooo much for Christ here in America!)

Who influenced my decision to follow Jesus? That would have to be my brother Greg. He radically sold out for Christ and I watched him live it. Here is a thought, though. Even though I saw him live for Christ and wanted that too it also took a couple of people to lead me in the prayer of salvation. I think our living our Christian lives in front of people is very valuable, but we need people out there bringing in the harvest. We should be in prayer every day asking the Spirit to speak to us and ready us to speak up for Christ at the right moment.

My favorite music is… I love praise music for its words. Chris Tomlin is my favorite artist, but as far as my favorite music goes it has to be classical. I love Mozart, and Bach is a close second. I was a closet listener in highschool and came out in college where it was more cool. Now I am unashamedly a classical freak, and I really don’t care what you think of me. Classical music puts me in a good mood. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, anyone?