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The Gospel of John: Overview (week 1)

February 16, 2020  
Randy Liston starts off our new series where we look at who Jesus is through the Gospel of John. Listen in as Randy shows the uniqueness of John compared to the other three gospels when it comes to describing Jesus. Today's Music: He Is Yahweh, You Are the One, and Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

Celebration Service and Testimony Stories

February 9, 2020  
Today, to complete out our Identity in Christ series, we had a celebration service with some great music and stories from our congregation about what God has shown them about their Identity in Christ. Today's Music: Psalm 24, Jailbreak (I'm Going Free), Death Was Arrested, No Longer Slaves, Who You Say I Am, and Glorious Day.


February 2, 2020  
Today, Trent Johnson continues in our series on our Identity in Christ as he shares from his heart on the topic of Transformation Today's Music: Stronger (Kayleigh Johnson special), Great Are You Lord, Jesus Paid It All, Death Was Arrested, and Strong God.
Trent Johnson

Our Identity

January 26, 2020  
Today, we took on our middle names in an exercise to see how tied our identity is to our names. Then Andy (Scott) taught on being a family, and we heard from each other how we have experienced a familial relationship with each other by giving ourselves to one another. Today's Music: When I Lost My Heart To You (Anna Harshman special), Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), Goodness of God, To You, and Love On the Line.
Andy Minch

Obstacles To Our Identity in Christ

January 19, 2020  
Kayleigh Johnson shares about her struggle with obstacles that prevented her from seeing her identity in Christ. Then, Andy Minch, John Novak and Randy Liston look at some hard verses as they serve as a panel looking at the heart of God, the context of His Word, and the original languages of these difficult verses. Today's Music: Living Hope (special by Steve German), Before the Throne of God Above, The Love of the Father, Glorious Day, and King of Kings.

Behavior Modification or Transformation (Identity in Christ)

January 12, 2020  
Today, John shares about the differences of true transformation where Christ changes us from the inside vs. behavior modification where we are changed by our surroundings and culture. How would you define the difference between transformation and behavior modification? What is our role in transformation? Today's Music: I Am Redeemed (Brian Boyd special), This Is Amazing Grace, It Is Well With My Soul, and No Longer Slaves.
John Novak

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