Leader: Shari Blanchette   

Ages: Birth to Three

Our Nursery is a place where your precious infant or toddler can come while you enjoy the service or any get-together here at our facility. We find it important that you and your child feel comfortable and secure with our volunteers. We always have enough volunteers to make sure your child is well cared for.

We have a well-child policy to ensure the health and safety of all children. All of our volunteers and children must be in good health to make sure viruses are not spread to one another. Please make sure you bring all items they will need, such as : pacifier or any other comfort item, sippy cup, and extra set of clothes (make sure they are labeled). Please fill out a form (found in the nursery) for any special instructions that we need to be aware of when caring for your child.

Reasons to get You/Parent

  • Your child has cried for more than 15 min.
  • Your child has suddenly become sick.
  • Behavioral issues have become unsafe.