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We thank you for visiting us online and invite you to join us in worship at our physical location as well. Please come and join us on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. in a casual and friendly atmosphere! If you are not able to join us, or would like to listen to a message that you have already heard, please feel free to listen to our online messages below.

Wounding the Heart of God

October 14, 2018  Listen Online  Download MP3
Andy's brother Clyde (a.k.a. Chaim Bentorah) shares about his ministry and some of the linguistics behind the Scriptures as we know it today in English. He shares about the depths of God's love and how we can wound his heart. Today's Music: Sovereign Hands (Miles Glenn special), Look To the Son, From the Day, It Is Well With My Soul and Knowing You.

Characteristics That Help Us Move Into the Future

October 7, 2018  Listen Online  Download MP3
Andy shares how we often get influenced by the world and culture we live in. Yet, if we have an attitude that places God's concerns ahead of our own, self-centered and worldly concerns, then we will be able to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God. Today's Music: All Is For Your Glory, The Rock Won't Move, The Stand, and O Praise the Name (Anastasis).
Andy Minch

Partnership In Prayer

September 30, 2018  Listen Online  Download MP3
Andy shares how Nehemiah's prayer in chapter 1 reflects a partnership in prayer rather than a list of our wants and will like we often pray. If we align our hearts with God, then our prayers will change and we will see our prayers being answered. Today's Music: Homesick (Brian Boyd special), Happy Day, Who You Say I Am, and Scandal of Grace.
Andy Minch

The Essence of Church

September 23, 2018  Listen Online  Download MP3
Andy shares about his recent visit to Bangladesh and how he saw an example of the essence of church and how we should be focused on one thing. That is to be a disciple of Christ. Rather than allowing Christ into just a portion of our lives, but rather having Him be our single focus and being more outwardly concerned about others rather than inwardly focused on ourselves. Today's Music: Your Love Is Moving (Ari Katner special), Reign On Me, Desert Song, Lead Me To the Cross and Take My Life and Let It Be.
Andy Minch

Worship Celebration Service

September 16, 2018  Listen Online  Download MP3
With the conclusion of WIGS last week, we wanted to come together for a worship celebration where we could praise and worship together as a body. Today's Music: Mighty To Save, Strong God, Great Are You Lord, Jailbreak (I'm Going Free), Love On the Line, Who You Say I Am, No Longer Slaves, Forever Reign, Tremble, Here In Your Presence, New Wine, Take My Life And Let It Be, Alabaster Jar and Ever Be.

WIGS 2018: Judging - session 2 week 6

September 9, 2018  Listen Online  Download MP3
This week is the six and final week of our second WIGS (What Is God Saying) session for 2018 where we will be looking at different areas of Scripture to discuss judging. This week, each of the teachers (Sue German, Randy Liston, John Novak and Trent Johnson) from the previous weeks of this WIGS session share in a summary and open questions and answer time and further discussion.

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