Sauk Valley Community Church is a gathering of ordinary people who are growing together as followers of Jesus.

As you get to know us, you will notice we have an emphasis on community. We trust you will feel comfortable getting to know other people during our informal gathering before our Sunday worship service. You are welcome to help yourself to the food and conversation.  You will notice that we have an emphasis on worship. Jesus is at the center of our attention. While we are sure you will enjoy our worship team, our goal is to understand how to worship in all we do. The music is excellent, but simply a means to allow us to express in the deepest and most personal way our appreciation of who God is and what He means to us. 

You will notice we have an emphasis on growing as followers of Jesus. Our teaching is based on the bible and our passion is not to just become smarter but to apply what we learn. We take seriously Jesus’ command to make disciples and so our church activities have some component of being a disciple or making a disciple. For example, on Wednesday evenings we have various break-out groups available to help us in our faith journey. 

Sauk Valley Community Church is an elder run church associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. If you have any questions, please reach out to the leadership team as we are available to serve you!

Vision Statement:

Seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ to love God and love people.

Mission Statement:

Sauk Valley Community Church is a Christ-centered community seeking to bring God glory by equipping people to daily demonstrate God’s love to the world. We do this through dynamic worship, authentic relationships, innovative service opportunities, and teaching Biblical truth.

What to expect on Sunday morning:

Table Discussions

-Our worship gathering begins at 10AM, but we welcome you to come earlier for coffee, donuts and conversation at 9:30 AM.

-Everyone is welcome. Please dress casually, no dress code here! We want you to be comfortable.

-We approach church as a conversation. Please sit wherever you feel most comfortable. You will notice round tables and chairs throughout the sanctuary.

-We don’t take up an offering during our gathering, but donations are welcome. You can find offering boxes on tables as you enter the sanctuary.

-We value children and so we take a holistic approach to teaching and mentoring our young folks. We currently offer Sunday school and a staffed nursery on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of the month for younger children during the teaching time. However, we also very much like to involve our children in the morning gathering. Parents and guardians are able to utilize the nursery room anytime for children under 3.

-Our Sunday worship gathering features a time of contemporary worship, followed by a teaching. Some Sundays will feature a longer, in-depth teaching. Other Sundays, we will have shorter teachings followed by a time of table discussions.

-We look at our times of gatherings as opportunities to encourage one another, to learn from one another, and to grow into becoming more like Jesus. We desire for our church to be diverse, to honor both the old and young, and to look like Jesus to our community.

-Our hope is that you feel welcomed and encouraged.

The world is rapidly changing and it’s important for the church to be sensitive and responsive to these changes.

The Sauk Valley Community Church is growing in an understanding of how to adapt to the needs of our community and at the same time we remain unswervingly committed to following God’s Word and His mission.

For the past decade, we’ve been moving into the future exploring “What does it really mean” to be The Church in this generation. The Sauk Valley Community Church is a gathering of Christians who are seeking to understand what it means to be followers of Jesus in every aspect of our lives. We strive to conduct ourselves more like a family than an institution.

One of the things you will notice about our church is an openness to accept people just as they are. We have spent a lot of time discussing and nurturing an attitude and understanding that we are all imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Another thing you will notice is our emphasis on growing together as a family. To facilitate this, we focus on smaller group interactions which enable us to get to know other people better and to give the opportunity for the average person to share what God has been teaching them.

We have chosen not to follow the tradition of a professional pastor but rather, we recognize that God gives various abilities to his people and we all have a responsibility to faithfully use those abilities to benefit the community around us.

We invite you to join us on a Sunday morning for a interaction together at 9:30 AM and to stay for our Sunday celebration at 10:00. Wednesday nights, we meet at 5:00 P.M. to gather for open discussion around a topic and to pray together.

Are you looking to connect with God and others in authentic community? Check us out and give God a chance to be a greater part in your life.