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Restorative Justice

Chris McClure shares on how the focus of God’s justice is to create shalom (peace and wholeness). We then broke into small groups to discuss and then shared our

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God is Justice part 1

John starts a 3-week series on God is Justice, where he shares about how we are influenced by our environment which skews our understanding of what God’s justice is.


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God Is the Creator

Chris McClure shares how God is the creator of everything. He reads from Isaiah 42:1-9, sharing how God creates all the amazing beauty around us, yet mankind is his

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Christmas Eve Service

Today, we shared in our Christmas Eve service with singing and listening to stories as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Today’s Music: O Come Emmanuel, O Little

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Advent Series: Joy

Today, Andy shares that we can be filled with all joy so it overflows from us even in the most dire of situations.

Today’s Music. Joy To the World, My

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