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Discipleship: What Is Discipleship?

June 20, 2021  
Andy shares about what discipleship is in the Scriptures and pulls out the principles of discipleship. Today's Music: Act Just Love Mercy Walk Humbly, O for a Thousand Tongues, Good Good Father, and You Are My Strength. Followed by Who Am I (special by Brian Boyd).
Andy Minch

Discipleship Series: Table Discussion Time

June 13, 2021  
Today, we kicked off the new series on Discipleship but doing some table discussion time learning more about each other. Next week, Andy will speak on what discipleship means. Today's Music: Go So Loved, Jesus At the Center, Great Are You Lord, and Jesus Paid It All.

Idioms In Scripture

June 6, 2021  
John shares how there are many examples where idioms (or phrases that are figurative or not literal) are used within Scripture which will affect how we are understanding the text. Today's Music: Child of Love, He Reigns, Never Once, Faithful God, and 'Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus.
John Novak

Unity In Community: Podcast Style Church Discussion

May 30, 2021  
Today Joanna and Kayleigh conducted podcast style church discussion regarding unity and how we handle differences between us while still being united. Today's Songs: Ain't No Grave, Never Gonna Stop Singing, All Hail the Power of Jesus Name, Isn't the Name, and What a Beautiful Name.

Unity In Community: Be a Bridge Builder

May 23, 2021  
Andy shares how we can build bridges between us and those who have different cultures and world views from us. Today's Music: The Lion And the Lamb, Oh the Glory Of It All, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, and Cornerstone.
Andy Minch

Unity In Community: Unity In the Church part 2

May 16, 2021  
Today, we had table discussions regarding unity as we continued discussions around having unity within the church. Today's Music: God So Loved, Goodness of God, How Great Thou Art, and Love Knows No End.

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