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Discipleship: Week 13 Philippians Discussions

September 12, 2021  
We watched 2 episodes of the "Woven" series on RightNow Media that pertains to different aspects of discipleship. We then had some open floor discussions regarding insights to what we have learned through this series. Today's Music: All Because of Jesus, Jesus At the Center, Great Are You Lord, and How Great Thou Art.

Discipleship: Week 11 Philippians Discussions

August 29, 2021  
Today we look at the 4th chapter in Philippians as we continue in our series on discipleship and break into table discussions with the summaries at the end. Today's Music: Only Your Love, Scandal of Grace, and Isn't the Name.

Discipleship: Week 10 Philippians Discussions

August 22, 2021  
We continue to discuss the topic of discipleship and watched the 11th video from the Woven series on RightNow Media. Also, John Novak taught about what expectations Jesus' disciples may have had when they started following Him vs. the reality of why they really were following Him. We then broke into table discussions and had a time to give our summaries from our tables. Today's Music: He Is Yahweh, Here I Am to Worship, and Upper Room.
John Novak

Discipleship: Week 9 Philippians Discussions

August 15, 2021  
Today, we reviewed some scripture from Philippians 3 and then had table discussions related to our focus as followers of Christ and what is in our hearts. Today's Music: Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me, Wide Open Space, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, and King of Kings.

Discipleship: Week 8 Philippians Discussions

August 8, 2021  
Today we continued with our discussion in Philippians as we look at chapter 3 where Paul gave his credentials and talked about the circumcision contrasted with faith in Christ Jesus, then we had discussions around our individual tables. Today's Music: God So Loved, Isn't the Name, Jesus' Blood, Boldly I Approach, and Child of Love.

The Inheritance of Christ

August 1, 2021  
Today, Andy briefly shares some time with the children talking about the currency of heaven. Then, John speaks on the topic of sin and forgiveness and how these pertain to what Christ did on the cross. Today's Music: Act Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly, Alabaster Jar, and And Can It Be.
John Novak

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