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Who Are You?

Chris McClure shares the testimony of an imprisoned man who became friends with Chris. Then he talks about how we are to love those who persecute us or we view

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Today, we had a time of inatalling Marc Helf as a new church elder as part of the eldership rotation.

Trent Johnson shares about humility from the book of Philippians

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Love Them Where They Are

Andy shares on how we are to love people right where they are by serving, appreciating, loving, and treasuring them.
Today’s Music: They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love,

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Be Present

Steve and Mary Westergren share about their experiences as missionaries in different countries. Also, they challenge us to be present to others around us to reach them for Christ. Today’s

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Marriage Panel

Andy shares a brief message for the children as well as to the adults. Then we had a panel of three couples discuss marriage and what has worked or hasn’t

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Loving Our Children

Marc Helf shares how feelings shouldn’t dictate how we love. Agape love is an intentional action to decide to love unconditionally. We then broke into table discussions with a summary

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Relational Discipleship

Kayleigh Johnson shares on Relational Discipleship and how we are to make disciples by having a true and working relationship with others. This will allow us to love and care

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Dealing with Differences

Today we watched a video from RightNow Media regarding relationships and the differences on how we react to situations within a relationship. We then had table discussions and a time

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Communicating With Others

Due to technological issues, we only have a partial recording of today’s service.

Today, we watched a short video from RightNow Media regarding communicating with our spouses and others that we

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